Food of Wood Foundation

Information provision and mutual participation are central to the services of the Food of Wood Foundation. We support almost all the initiatives of our business relations that contribute to commitment to sustainable food cultivation.

We encourage the creation of food forests because the well-being of people and nature is important to us.

The following points are critical in our encouragement. It is about an independent, local food supply , about an honest approach to biodiversity, climate gain, transport gain and the improvement of social and societal well-being.

Within our framework, we place particular emphasis on social societal relationships and the stimulation of contacts between stakeholders (among themselves) and those interested in food forest cultivation. The Food of Wood foundation maintains good contacts with the (semi-) governments, the independent ‘nature entrepreneurs’ and the private initiators.

Within the partnership of the Foundation and its related organisations, such as green banks and sustainability funds, we have the adequate resources. We know from experience that participation in the start-up phase of the food forest projects is usually optimal over a period of approximately five years.